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Buy custom Managerial Turnover essay

Is the loss of 30 managers out of 120 in one year cause for concern?
Calculation of employees’ turnover over a period like a year is useful in forecasting the needs of employees. In the case of HCLC, the staff turnover is 25% in a year, which is not good and thus it is a major cause for concern. There are many reasons why many employees exit the organization within a short period, which may result a company into losing productive employees and increase the cost. Job dissatisfaction, lack of motivation and harsh punitive actions results in customer dissatisfaction like demotion, pay cuts, and terminations. There is voluntary turnover where staff exits the organization voluntary without being terminated and involuntary turnover happens because of forced resignation. This exit of employees may lead to loss of valuable managers who may go with other employees leading to total loss of employees and hence hard to secure contracts and more costs are incurred to employ other employees who may not be experienced. Without addressing the issue of turnover, there will be a continual exit of staff that will result to closure of the company. Also, it may lead to stiff competition from other companies where those managers move to, because they know your strengths and weakness thus they incorporate them in new companies to achieve the best. Therefore, staff turnover must be analyzed and addressed accordingly.
What additional data should we try to gather to learn more about our managerial turnover?
The most helpful information HCLC may gather in order to help to reduce managerial turnover is from the competitors in the market; what does the other company the exiting managers move to, have or provide that HCLC does not provide to its managers? What kind of attractive packages or incentives do they provide to their managers and what kind of motivation are in place to maintain them? A lot of objective research needs to be carried out to obtain substantial data that will help in solving the problem. This will help HCLC to set its benchmark that will help it in improving performance.
Surveys need to be done like exit interviews to determine the cause of leaving such as relationship with supervisors, working conditions or pay. In-person exit interviews helps to analyze what worked well and what was wrong at that workplace. All the exiting employees may fill the questionnaires, which will show why they are leaving and what they are looking for, this will help the company to analyze its current packages. In HCLC most of the exit occur as a result of termination, pay cut, retrenchment and demotions, which happen after problem is identified with regard to orders; thus one can say that competence of work is a challenge hence poor work done; this can be reduced by training and career development of all employees. Cost and benefit associated should be analyzed to determine the best possible action to be taken.
What are the costs of this turnover? Might there be any benefits?
Several costs are incurred in any turnover, which involves the outgoing employee and the process of acquiring new ones, which may be financial or non-financial resources. Financial resources include those that are used to process the exit of the departing managers like giving fare well, early retirement packages, advertising, recruiting, hiring and training new managers. Non-financial resources include time to process the exit, loss of valuable employees, talents, damaging other employees’ morale, which will make other employees later leave the organization and level of production may go down, because of the social and communication levels and due to lack of morale as a result of departure of acquaintances. Other non-financial resources include those used to acquire new managers, especially time and difficult to get new employees, because of poor image or poor reputation.
Some exits may be beneficial such that if the departing managers are poor performers with bad influence to other employees; their exit gives the company the chance to employ other productive, performing managers who may encourage other employees positively. Those who will be employed may bring in new techniques, which may be cost effective and in case no other managers are employed then there is cost reduction and the existing employees may be absorbed.
Are there any lurking legal problems?
During recruitment and hiring process, it is clearly stated if the job is on contractual or full time basis such that various forms are duly filled and signed by the employees, this may include rules and regulation of leaving the organization, working terms and conditions, payment basis, insurance compensations and many other requirements are completed before commencement. In this case of HCLC, the exiting managers wrote letters to operational manager with regard to leadership, which is in place that they were unhappy with such as harsh punitive measures. In case these managers file a lawsuit against the organization in court, it will be evident that there were poor working conditions, discrimination and other legal related issues like harassment thereby leading to legal problems to the company such as continuing paying the insurance compensation, medical covers, remaining contract days, which will have a negative impact to the company in terms of increased costs.
Also, if the turnover keeps on increasing, then the company may be required to provide labor and other employment contract provisions, separation laws and regulations and they may be required to adhere to affirmative action requirements and other public policy rules and regulation on staff recruitment and handling.
If retention is a serious problem for HCLC, what are the main ways we might attack it?
Good relationship may change the altitude of employees; constant communication with 360 degrees feedback fosters good communication in which challenges facing employees are addressed on time before they lead to departure. This also boosts the morale of employees, which will increase productivity and efficiency. Training may be carried out to reduce stress for those remaining, because it may be hard for them to cope with new managers and they may feel demoralized, because their seniors have left. The organization must have track records and performance appraisal programs for all employees including Tyrone Williams so as to determine the relationship and evaluate general progress; there will be employee satisfaction and retention, because all the programs are trying to check the employees and the challenges they are facing in workplace. Also, the company should create exit interviews so that they can get information as to why they are going and these will be used by human resource manager and survey should be carried out annually to assess the attitude of the employees in relation to work environment. In doing this, retention of employees especially those in managerial positions will be high which will in turn influence other employees positively.

Buy custom Managerial Turnover essay

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