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Operation Bounce Back is a joint agreement between the government of Queensland though the ministry of public works and Sunrise. It was initiated to benefit the traders in both the nations to serve as an interstate initiative. It also reviewed the taxes which were very high to affordable rates among the two countries inhabitants. The countries were to issue all their select wealth communities which were to be non profitable that they can be refurbished at no cost and the contractors that were to be hired voluntarily from both the states. Community assets such as the rugby fields and others benefited from this operation bounce back.

The idea of the operation

The operation bounce back is initiated to let the Queensland return from the current helplessness that has been a major challenge to a better state. All the people in the country that were affected by the waters were to be helped through the plan of operation bounce back. Hence important measures are to be taken to ensure that the victims have been compensated. The flood had wiped up many homes living many persons in the state homeless and most of the infrastructure destroyed.

The operation was the plan that would guide the government of Queensland on the right path that would lead to attainment of the desired level. The operation bounce back e-mail would say more about the plan and the desire of the country men to help their fellows who were affected by the floods. The personnel who posted their like to go and work for their country were many, showing the love that they had for their country and the persons who were affected by the floods. As the people went on to work in the different sectors that they were allocated the partnership of the deal that was signed between the two states was not followed as it was benefiting one state which was not in the agreement.

There was first the town cleanups done allover the cities to first clear the mess that was brought about by the floods. The volunteer personnel were to be provided with materials that are needed in the construction works of rebuilding and refurbishing all the destroyed building and infrastructure in the country through the operation bounce back.


If I were in the position of a government media advisor would positively respond to the sunrise request. This is because media is the best tool that one can use to reach a large number of persons and communicate to them effectively. The media in every country helps in creating citizen awareness leading to the citizen of Queensland to understand the importance of the operation bounce back. The media will be able to bring out the essence of volunteer work in the current issue that is affecting the country of Queensland. The government can not visit all persons in the entire country of Queensland but through the social media they can speak to many citizens at once. Sunrise media group can help the government in creating more website for the operation bounce back and create a social media to get information from the citizen on the current issues that are upcoming daily within the countrymen.

 This will help the government to strategize on the cause of action leading top application of superior measures to counteract the issues. The government can use the broadcasting to system to ask for voluntary workers to apply and ask the media to educate the general public on the issues that are facing the country inhabitants. The government should put in consideration such requests because they will help the countries infrastructure grow at a very high rate hence improving the countries economy.

The media can be used as a uniting factor by the government to unite and assemble person’s minds in issues that relate to the countries developments. The media acts as the mouth piece of the government by passing on the reliable messages to the citizens. If it were not for sunrise most of the volunteers that the government acquired from the country men could not be gotten. Media is a firm for national healing that should be protected and respected by every party those benefits from it. Request from well-wishers are national builders who are to be welcomed for better national performance. Hence the government should never town out such requests.


Representation according to this case study brings out the meaning of bringing out the meaning and emphasizing on the importance of an issue. In this case representation will mean the ways used to bring the existence of operation bounce bank. The operation bounce back came up to heal the nation on the natural calamities that were brought out by floods in the country. The floods destroyed homes and community holdings that needed to be rebuilt for the country to reform from the bondages of the flood. Hence representation of a plan to bring healing to the nation was to be represented to the nation could resolve and heal from the wounds of the flood. If there was poor representation of this case to the country men the issue could not be pushed to the extent that it was pushed.

When unity reigns in a nation prosperity of the nation is prevalent. Involvement of the media to help in proclaiming the government message about the action plan needed acceptance from the government so as to give viable results. This plan was a national issue hence it was to be transmitted to every part of the country to get the requirements to help rebuild the destroyed societies. Representation and power relations are very similar in this case in that they all are targeting on national building. They feature on national matters that affect the people of the nation. They match because they reach their target in which is delivering message to the respective persons. Power relations refer to the government dealing as per the case study.

The government could not accept the request from Sunrise due to their stand of power. The Sunrise media company wanted to work with the government so as to help the government reach more members of the public and easier the process of getting the requirements for the constructions. The professional communicators do represent the national issues in a better way so as to fulfill their professional duties to the world. They are the people who pass relevant information to the general public to keep them informed on the national matters. They give details and emphasize on the issues that are of importance to the general public. They endorse nationalism than all other factors and that’s why the countries economy and nationalism develop from. Hence the professional communicators help in national unity and preaching messages of peace to the general public hence the help the government in maintaining peace in the country.


The bounce back operation is a very important exercise that i would like to be associated with because it brings out national healing to the nation. As a future professional communicator i can initiate such operations that will cater for the needs of the under prevelidge in the societies of Queensland country so as to give them motivation to be better countrymen. As a future professional communicator this is the best chance to use the professionalism that one has to perform and serve the nation patriotically.

 The Brisbane flood is a crucial issue that should be given a chance of its own by the journalists and the government because it affects the citizens and destroys the countries economy. The operation bounce back is an operation that has helped restore the major infrastructure in the country hence fulfilling the major goals of restoring the countries economy and unity.

Buy custom Operation Bounce Back essay

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