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Buy custom Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument essay


Organizational culture assessment instruments (OCAI) are tools that are used to measure six key cultural dimensions of the organization. These cultures were developed by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn to provide a clear picture of the organization’s operations and the values that is characterized by the operations. There are four main organizational cultures which include; the clan culture, the adhocracy culture, the market culture, and the hierarchy culture.

The OCAI consist of 6 Questionnaires which relates to the four organizational cultures, these questionnaires are about dominant characteristics, organizational leadership, management of employees, organization glue, strategic emphases, and criteria of success. In carrying out the assessment one divide 100 points over four alternatives which corresponds to the four culture types and the participants rates the cultures according to present satisfactions and in the second time again the 100 points are divided over the same cultures and the participants are asked what they want in the future.


Scoring of OCAI require one to add all the responds of all the instrument according to the culture for the present and diving it by six to get the average scores and the same is done for the responds concerning what should be done in future to get the average.

In assessing the culture the OCAI measures as follows; dominant culture assesses the whether;

  1.  The work place is like an extended family where people shares many things
  2. The organization is place where people are working towards a common goal
  3.  Is the organization result oriented where people are competitive and achievement oriented.
  4. The organization is a place governed by proper rules, regulation and procedure.

2.  Organizational Leadership assesses whether

 a. The leadership is mentoring, facilitating and nurturing

  b. Is the leadership exemplifies entrepreneurship, innovative and risk taking

 c. Is the leadership aggressive and result oriented

d. Is the leadership coordinating, organizing and efficient

 3.  Management of Employees measures whether

  1. Is management characterized by teamwork, consensus and participation
  2. Is it characterized by risk taking, innovation freedom and uniqueness
  3. Is it characterized by hardworking, high demands and achievement
  4. Is it characterized by security of employment and stability

. 4.  Organization Glue measures whether

  1. There is commitment to innovation and development
  2. There is loyalty and mutual trust
  3. Is the emphasis on achievement and goal accomplishment
  4. Is the formal rules and policies.

. 5.  Strategic Emphases measure whether,

  1. There is emphasizes on human development
  2. There is emphasizes on acquiring new resources and creating new challenges
  3. Emphasizes on competitive action and achievement.
  4. Emphasizes on permanence and stability

. 6.  Criteria of Success measures whether,

  1. It defines success on basis of human resource development
  2. It defines success on basis of new and unique product development
  3. It defines success on winning market share and out doing its competitors
  4. Defines success of basis of efficiency.


The OCAI are reliable in the following ways, it can be used to measure the level of employees satisfaction with the organization. It can be used by the organization to check on what changes need to be carried out and also measure the performance of the changes. The OCAI can be used as a communication tool in the organization from the management to junior staffs and also within departments in the organization. It can be used during mergers and reorganization. The OCAI is important in making people to be aware of the current and preferred culture leading to change in the organization.  It can measure the resistance to change since people are measure on what they want in the future and it is easy to predict if change will be effective if implemented.

Buy custom Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument essay

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