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The t-test is calculated to find the difference between two groups. The mean of one group is calculated which is known as control group mean and subtracted from the second group which is known as treatment group mean. The difference between the two is known as t-test. In research this test is carried out to get which group earns better than the other. As in organization people with different academic performance are paid different according to their level of performance. The t-test in this salary level between female and male human resource directors in this organization is their total pay in a month divided by the number of months to get the mean.

Calculation of T-test

The mean of female human resources  is calculated by adding the sum of all months which is six hundred and  twenty two thousand divide by ten  to get sixty two thousand two hundred  US dollars. Then in male human resources manager, the total sum is six hundred fifty seven thousand us dollars. Then to get the mean the actual total of male human resources is subtracted from that of female human resources director. To  get the t- test the sum of Six hundred and fifty seven thousand US dollars minus the sum of six hundred and twenty two thousand US dollars to get thirty five thousand us dollars (Willey, 2012). This suggests that male human resource directors take bigger package of salaries than their female colleges.

Required Posting

As all human needs are equal, their payment package is supposed to be equal because they all have the same level of knowledge and experience and their level of work is the same. Gender is considered in this salary pay level as the determining factor which makes females’ human resource directors to earn less amount of money than their counterpart male human resource directors. As time elapsed this difference was reduced. Posting was therefore supposed to be determined by the level of education but not the gender as this system was. The level of experience could also be used to determine their salary allocation (Willey, 2012).

An Appropriate Research Question

Women were not considered of the same class with men; hence women were ranked lower than the latter. This could be demonstrated well by their payment differences as earlier explained. Men with little education could be treated the same with highly educated women which developed as a result of most leadership being propelled by men and hence favoring their fellow men. Women did not have time to study instead they spent most of the time in taking care of their husbands and children (Black, 2007). As time went by, women became enlightened to understand that all humans should be treated equally regardless of their gender. This could clearly be displayed by the fact that as the time elapsed, both male and female human resource directors attained the same salary scale.

Confidence Level and Freedom Level

Females could give better result from their work with the little amount of money than the more earning men could give. This made their salary to have gradual rise and pass that of male gender with time making females to earn more. Male human resource directors started by earning eight thousand dollars more than female human resource directors (Bowerman, 2008). As the payment was made in four months time they received the same amount of money. Although this turned the other way round females started earning more than the males.


In the developing world females are considered in the community to have less power than males. They are considered to have poor leadership hence are given low chances of leading the public. Female’s freedom is also restricted as they are symbols of fear making males take advantage over them.

Buy custom T-Test essay

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